Waste Disposal

When it comes to commercial waste disposal you need a service provider that you can rely on. We provide flexible services to meet your specific requirements with hassle-free collections. Our service is ideal for disposing of all kinds of waste, from general waste, glass and recycling, we have a range of commercial solution to handle all of your needs.

You can rest assured with our commercial waste disposal service that your business is fully covered, as we’ll provide a full waste consignment note with every collection, keeping you legally compliant and proving that your waste has been properly handled. Call our specialist team today on 0208 778 9008.

Metal Waste Disposal

Scrap metal is shredded, and rubber, wood or plastics removed.The metal is then melted in a blast furnace that burns at extremely high temperatures and burns off impurities or any remaining from the sorting stages.

The liquid metal is poured into moulds for re-use.

Brick and Rubble Waste Disposal

Brick and rubble are broken down by crushing & transformed into new aggregate materials.These products can then be reused by construction companies or other industries which are in constant need of quality building materials.

Glass Waste Disposal

Glass is taken for washing & then crushed into cullet, which can be used for making recycled aggregates such as “Eco-Sand”, used as a paving sand under block paving and concrete slabs. EcoSand offers an effective & sustainable use for waste material and can be infinitely recycled.

Paper Waste Disposal

Waste paper and cardboard has water added to it to create a pulp which is screened to remove any contaminants and washed to remove ink and glues. The clean pulp is turned into a new product.  Lower grade mixed paper & cardboard are recycled into cardboard packaging. Newspaper & magazines recycled back into newsprint.

Soil Waste Disposal

Clean soils including clay and chalk are used in the remediation of large areas of land. One of the most common uses is in the construction or remodelling of golf courses.